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In partnership with our publication title Absolutely magazines, Trilogy skincare held a very special reader event on Friday, June 10th, at the iconic H.R. Higgins coffee shop in Mayfair. Spearheading the social media campaign on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram Zest worked extensively to promote the exclusive event online and create momentum. As a result, we had a great turnout and it proceeded to be a wonderful experience for all that came along as well as ourselves.  

New Zealand’s no.1 skincare brand, Trilogy has an international reputation for producing ethical, sustainable, high-performance natural skincare. With more than a decade of research, development and product innovation, they make products that not only perform better, they are better – ethically, aesthetically and environmentally.


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With a warm atmosphere and a captivated audience, the event was both informative and enjoyable as we all learned from Trilogy’s in house expert Corinne Morley’s advice. Demonstrating that the products are gentle to the skin and naturally fragrant, the Trilogy team were more than happy to let each attendee try examples of their brilliant lotions and Organic Rosehip oils. While everyone sipped coffee and indulged in some cake during the talk, it was clear by the end of the morning that even we were were sold on using Trilogy products. The difference in our skin was undeniable.
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Zest was lucky enough to attend Clerkenwell Design Week, a three day event consisting of informative talks, workshops, and exciting product launches. As the home to some of the most creative businesses and architects in London, Clerkenwell has in recent years reinvented itself as a hub of exciting and innovative design, with the award winning event attracting the international design community year after year.

This year, Clerkenwell Design Week transformed well-known local venues such as Fabric Nightclub and the subterranean House of Detention into platforms to showcase their exhibitions, truly grounding the event in the local area and making it innately Clerkenwell’s. Participating companies included high-end furniture brands such as Ted Wood and Icons of Denmark, and the event offered ‘Conversations of Clerkenwell’, which dealt with industry issues and discussed new products.


One particular company that caught our eye was Bulo, a brand created by a Belgian duo in 1963. Bull guarantees sustainable product and design and collaborates with outside designers to ensure a variety of different approaches to design, keeping them fresh and innovative. At Clerkenwell Design Week, they demonstrated their working life philosophy through their Dan collection, which thrives in the modern shift towards more informal, flexible work stations. Dan, a modular collecting inspired by traditional Japanese joinery, succeeds in creating multifunctional and enjoyable working environments for both the individual and business.