Absolutely Weddings absolutelyweddings.co.uk  recently covered a survey carried out by London property and lettings agent Chestertons which showed that wedding traditions are dying out since their peak in the sixties. Some traditions such as wearing a veil down the aisle date back to Roman weddings when the bride would ‘hide’ from the evil spirits who were jealous of her happiness. It seems the novelty of such traditions has disappeared in recent years as couples tailor their day to create a unique and bespoke experience. Some couples follow the classic wedding style, adding a touch of modern colouring, but many newlyweds admit to contradicting the wedding concept all together.

Since 2010, just 37% of grooms asked the father-of-the-bride for permission to wed, followed by 36% of grooms who proposed to their wife on one knee. Only 36% of couples cut the cake together on the day, just 15% of grooms carry their bride over the threshold and only 7% of couples wait to share a home together after being wed. Full details here: http://tinyurl.com/ztd2ey6

The statistics show that just 37% of modern couples adhere to wedding traditions. Bristol was ranked the least traditional city in the UK with 15% of couples upholding none of the traditional wedding customs:

1) Bristol (15%)

2) Newcastle (12%)

3) Southampton (12%)

4) Glasgow (11%)

5) Sheffield (10%)

Nick Barnes, Head of Research at Chestertons said: “It’s a shame that the things we typically associate with weddings are starting to die out as other options, such as overseas ceremonies or more modern venues, grow in popularity. However, certain traditions such as not living together until getting married, or allowing the father-of-the-bride to foot the bill, are no longer practical and demonstrate the way our lifestyles and financial capabilities have changed since the fifties.”

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