Building upon the success of Absolutely Education, Zest Media has gone global with the launch of their first international title, British Education Dubai.

British education is considered the global gold standard with a reputation for academic achievement and character development. Nowhere is this appreciated more than in Dubai, amongst Emarati nationals looking to send their children to the UK for their education and the 250,000 British expatriate community.

The magazine showcases the very best of a British boarding education with top writers and education insiders examining all the benefits as well as the issues that face parents who are considering this exciting option for their children. British Education Dubai seeks to make this crucial choice easier by providing the most up-to-date information on the UK’s top independent schools.

British Education Dubai has a multi-faceted distribution stream, including:

– Distributed at the Anderson Education Exhibition Dubai (26th and 27th February 2016)

– Distributed at the British Boarding Schools Show (18th and 19th March 2016)

– Circulated at the leading English speaking schools in Dubai

– Door-drop delivery to luxury homes in ex-pat communities and Emirati residences

– Distributed at the corporate centres of DIFC (Dubai International Financial Centre) and at other multi-national companies within the banking, technology and oil and gas sectors

For further information or to receive a copy of British Education Dubai, please contact Tracey Richards at [email protected]

Mama’s got a brand-new mag… we are delighted to announce the launch of Absolutely Mama by Zest Media, having received amazing support from some of the most renowned brands within the industry.

Absolutely Mama is the parenting magazine for stylish London mums, focusing not only on must-have parenting buys and advice but also on the mum herself, guiding her through pregnancy and parenthood with top fashion, beauty and fitness content.

The circulation of Absolutely Mama is unique. 20,000 copies are printed for each edition and on sale at the top 100 travel WH Smith stores, in Selfridges and at select Waitrose stores in central London. Copies are also available at over 1,000 carefully selected venues throughout the capital. A digital edition is mailed out to Emma’s Diary database and Absolutely Mama will be promoted as a free download through our website; absolutely-mama.co.uk and our social media platforms. It will also be available as an app. Absolutely Mama is also offered as a complimentary gift through some of the key retailers such as; Lorna Drew, Clair de Lune, Baby Base, with copies also mailed out with all online orders. There are also copies available through select NCT groups, Maternity Nurses, Antenatal Classes and Private Maternity Hospitals.

Absolutely Mama is published bi-monthly with the second edition out on 1st April 2016. For more information about the suite of Absolutely Mama range of products, please contact [email protected]