The Buyer Journey is the process a potential customer goes through from the initial realisation stage, to the decision stage where they make the purchase. It’s imperative for content marketers to understand the Buyer Journey as only then will they truly be able to understand their customer’s approach, needs and values. To help you appeal to your ideal customer, we take you through the step-by-step process a buyer will go through on their journey.


At the awareness stage, the potential buyer will be coming to the realisation that they are in need of a certain product by experiencing and expressing symptoms of a problem or opportunity.

The customer will be undertaking educational research to more clearly understand, frame and put a name to what they need, whether they view it as a problem or opportunity.

The content types that work best during the awareness stage include educational content, such as white papers.


At the consideration stage, the potential buyer has defined and named their problem or opportunity. They are starting to research and understand the various available approaches and methods to help solve their problem or opportunity.

The content type that works best at the consideration stage includes expert guides and videos.


At the decision stage, the potential buyer has decided what their strategy will be and has compiled a list of all available vendors and products. They’ll be continuing to research each of these vendors and products before ultimately making the final purchase decision.

The content types that appeal at the decision stage include case studies and product literature.



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Over the course of three days, crowds of people poured into Kensington, Olympia for UK’s most dynamic fashion and footwear trade show of the year, Pure London Held from July 24-26, this world-class fashion event featuring independent, emerging fashion designers, brands, and many leading labels exhibited their upcoming Summer/Spring 2017 collections to the delight of fashion fanatics. Designers from all over the world—including the United States, mainland Europe, as well as the UK—arrived to discuss their products. Absolutely London as part of Zest Media was delighted to be involved with this year’s exhibition as a media partner and we enjoyed hosting clients old and new at our stand.

The high profile event captured the attention of buyers, enticing them to make journeys from thousands of miles away. The menswear collection debuted in Pure London 2016 with brands such as Ben Sherman  and Bertoni  The highly anticipated SS17 catwalk made a splash with its reveal of the upcoming Spring and Summer collection. Pure London’s multi-faceted nature targets all kinds of audiences, whether they are interested in the artistic side of fashion, the adrenaline of a large-scale event, or the business practices of the industry.

These exciting few days are packed with events, including catwalks, discussions of changing retail and business trends, and insights about fashion’s future. This show provides something for everybody and is constantly evolving. As this year’s events wrap up, it’s exciting to see what the show might have in store for us next year. See you soon, Pure London.

Mounika Ellanti