It is expected that approximately 3 billion people worldwide will have a handle on social media by 2020, whether that’s through a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device. Therefore, in a generation where digital technology is advancing at breakneck speed, constructing a modern social media strategy is vital for the survival of a company’s online presence.

Digital has increasing relevance in the modern world. Not only do consumers discover company updates through leaflets, poster ads and inside newspapers – it’s now also about LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. According to multiple resources* 88% of businesses now use multiple social media accounts as a part of their marketing strategy in order to reach a wider audience and solidify their brand’s name.

Increased Brand Recognition

Every chance a company has to disperse their content and presence across social media, they should grasp with both hands. A company’s social media channels are simply an extended voice for the brand. The profile pictures, bio and cover photos should all enhance the company’s overall identity, tone and image. Social media accounts should help new customers/readers identify who the brand is and what they do within moments of landing on the page. It should also aid existing customers with immediately recognising the brand.

Competitor Analysis

With the majority of a brand’s competitors continuously seeking methods to remain a step ahead of the game, social media helps to keep track of their latest ventures, projects and launches. Discovering this information aids brands with fresh ideas that could also work well for their own company. Conducting a deeper insight into the engagement and response from competitors’ audiences reveals what ideas worked well and may be worth testing out, knowing a positive result is anticipated. In addition, time is saved through learning which ideas did not perform so highly for others.

Staying Relevant

An audience’s attention predominantly drifts towards the most contemporary brands. Keep the company relevant through discovering current global trends with approaches such as Instagram polls, trending tweets and popular hashtags.

Relationship Building

New companies who wish to expand their audiences quickly, should understand that frequent usage of social media creates a snowball-like effect. Once relationships commence building, followers will tell their friends, their friends will tell their friends, and so on. Additionally, on top of emailing and phone calls,potential customers, clients and partners will also utilise LinkedIn messaging, Facebook messenger, DMs and comments

Driving Traffic

Promoting other areas of a business such as mobile apps, websites or competitions through social media accounts is an efficient way to increase recognition and traffic. New launches will take off and enter the public eye far more quickly with social media backing (and potentially sponsoring.)

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Content Marketing and Positivity – What’s the Connection?  

Although we love what we do on an ongoing basis, the positive energy at Zest is higher than usual as we lead up to the long holiday weekend and leave work behind for a few days. But how can content marketing harness this upbeat mood? And what is the connection between positivity and content marketing?

According to Yahoo’s recent Receptivity of Emotions study, which is based on respondents from the UK, US, Germany and Canada, reaching consumers when they’re in the right mood could increase the impact of content marketing by 28%. Other key findings found that this upbeat mood kicks in around lunchtime, so it’s best to reach your audience between 11am and 12pm.  Moreover, according to this study, here in the UK consumers are ‘upbeat’ 46% of the time.

Knowing your audience and providing them with relevant and valuable content to your target market is the key to delivering a successful content strategy. Is the content in your blog posts what your audience want to read about, or are they just what you want to write?  Statistics show us that over its lifetime one compounding blog creates as much traffic as six decaying posts. Make your content marketing work, keep your audience happy!

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